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Netgear Range extender Setup

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it’s quick & easy to set up any model of range extender however because of the device are involved it could Get tricky.

Most of the time People configure the range extender alright however they keep having issues because certain settings are not in the recommended way.

Before installing the range extender make sure the main WiFi router is working because it can only be configured to an existing wifi network.

Now the best way to troubleshoot Or setup a Netgear range extender is to contact support & get it installed by an expert.

Support for Extender

Call us: 1(888) 586-0526


Use Netgear extenders to Fix Slow, disconnecting internet problem to extend the coverage of the existing wifi router.  Understand that the perfect Netgear wifi extender setup is quite important in order to increase the network strength.  Find Main Router details before you begin setting up Netgear range extender- You can Know the default Router Login details at

  1. Router SSID (Network Name) and passcode (Network Key).
  2. Security Encryption type and default IP address.
  3. Band settings and channel settings.
  4. Plug the Netgear extender to the power outlet and turn it on.
  5. Go to the computer or smartphone and refresh the wireless network list.
  6. Look for a new Netgear extender list by name of  NETGEAR_EXT and connect with it.

It should not ask for the password as it is new and unsecure (We will explain later how to secure Netgear extender)

Once the Netgear range extender is connected with a computer or smartphone you may be able to see the green light on the extender.

How We Help-

  • Installing New or Old wifi range extender & connect all devices with extender.
  • troubleshooting old range extender Issues
  • Update & upgrade range extender firmware for better performance
  • Reset & re-setup netgear range extender with recommended settings.
  • Password checkup & port forwording 


You should automatically see a Netgear extender setup page automatically on your internet browser. If you can’ see the page please go to default IP or web address to access Netgear WiFi extender setup page. 

  • Launch internet browsers such as chrome, Firefox or safari
  • Type or in the address bar at top of your internet browser
  • Press Enter to see the New Netgear extender setup page.
  • Fill up the required details to create an account and fill up time and region details.
  • Click Next and let Netgear WiFi extender to search 7 detect all available networks around you.
  • Select your existing WiFi router network that you wish to extend and click Next

Note – if your Existing wireless router has dual-band enabled and you have 2 Network Name Such as 2.4 GHz and 5.0Ghz then you can extend both networks Or Only a particular network band as you wish.

  • Select Both 2.4 Ghz Or 5.0 Or uncheck it if you want to leave any of the networks.
  • When asked for a password Please Enter the wifi network password of your existing router.
  • In the next step, you can also set up any network name you wish for a new extended Netgear extender wireless network.

Note – Over the period of time Netgear extender has become very smart. You can enable One wifi name feature to avoid any confusion. With the help of this feature, your extender will work as the same name as your existing wifi router.

Mywifiext Help

ou can also enlist the help of our technical experts to help you set up Extender by chatting with them.


  • You can adjust Netgear extender password, security or any other settings as per your wish but it’s recommended to make complex passwords and settings to avoid getting compromised.
  • Save the settings and restart the Netgear extender.
  • You should have a congrats message and now you should be able to connect your devices with your new Netgear extender network
  • Click Next to register your NetGear extender with the database so in case if you need any help and support with a product or warranty it can be traced as a registered product.

You can skip the registration however we recommend you do that in order to get remote or phone assistance in the feature by the Netgear support team.

  • Once everything seems to work its time to restart the Netgear range extender and place it anywhere you wish within the main router range.
  • Place it in the middle of the house to test the location depending on your house needs and plug it to the power socket.

Contact our free Extender support assist team if you need any other help with Netgear extender setup, placement or troubleshooting.

Just like mywifiext for Netgear extenders you can use Belkin.range for installing Belkin range extenders

We are hopeful that your Netgear range extender is working. Please comment below and let us know if you have any questions regarding Netgear wifi extender setup.

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